“Brace yourselves” for rising COVID cases, the UK Government says. The scandalous failure to plan for long-term protection of lives.

First published: March 2022.

... | The Guardian, 14-Mar-2022.

It is a tragedy when governments, rather than using vaccines and therapies to improve outcomes (by using a vaccines-plus approach), use them to promote policies that cause a much higher level of infection, long COVID and unacceptable levels of ‘acceptable deaths’.


“To sustain low infection rates through a combination of vaccination, public health measures, and financial support measures.” (Source: the bmj)

Shouldn’t we expect better given we have had 2 years to do better? Vaccines, therapies, and evidence on so many airborne precautions that reduce spread. Or should we just tolerate higher infections? 27,000 deaths involving COVID-19 as per ONS in the UK since ‘freedom day’. Over 9,000 deaths just this year in the ‘mild’ omicron wave.

1.5 million people with long COVID – with 685,000 having had symptoms for more than a year. 21,000 of these with symptoms more than a year are children. The impacts of omicron have not been even fully felt yet on long COVID figures.

And we have decided that mass infection is an okay policy while millions remain unvaccinated or unboosted. Millions of children haven’t even been offered the vaccination yet, despite being MHRA and JCVI approved and recommended.

Not only have they promoted mass infection with these policies, but they have also made us blind to what is going on by the loss of contact tracing, and massively disincentivizing testing. Hospitalisations are going up once again and declines in deaths have stopped at 700 per week.

The only plan seems to be denial and distraction.

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Dr Deepti Gurdasani, Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology, Statistical Genetics, Machine Learning, Queen Mary University of London.

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