First published: April 2022.

Appalling: Do NOT give out any more lateral flow tests but dump them, UK government tells schools. – Today’s political cartoon by Kim Wareham.

As the new government guidance published this week tells schools that pupils are now only advised to self-isolate for three days if they test positive for COVID-19, the Department for Education (DfE) has also ordered schools NOT to give out any more lateral flow tests but to dump them instead.

School staff, children and families are left defenceless against COVID-19, which the UK government knows damages vital organs, like the brain and heart, and causes Long COVID.

Schools Week

PMP Magazine

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Kim Wareham, Mum working with parent advocacy group @SafeEdForAll_UK. Frustrated that Press & politicians don’t talk about the lack of scientific Covid mitigations in schools, she draws cartoons around the issues.


  • Text: This piece was originally published on Twitter and re-published in PMP Magazine on 2 April 2022, with the illustrator’s consent. | The artist draws in a personal capacity.

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