I don’t know about you but the Colombian election has been a rare bright spot in the news from the Americas.

First published: June 2022.

Note that news Colombia has elected its first-ever leftist leader and its first-ever Afro-Colombian vice president came as we learnt the following:

** that the Texas Republican Party had approved a far-right official party platform claiming that President Biden was not legitimately elected

** and the longstanding US Republican drive to use the long arm of the law to rewrite environmental regulations may be coming to fruition, or simply coming to a head (with the US Supreme Court soon to hand down a decision on West Virginia vs Environmental Protection Agency)

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In light of continuing US craziness over Joe Biden’s election, the results of Colombia’s date with the ballot box were refreshingly quick, fuss-free... and dare one say it, American. Leftie Gustavo Petro’s opponent, so-called “Colombian Donald Trump” Rodolfo Hernandez, quickly acceded defeat.

“The peaceful transfer of power is something we have long expected to see in America.”
Gustavo Petro Urrego. | Flickr

The peaceful transfer of power is something we have long expected to see in America. Just as night follows day, we expect power to be handed over, carefully and in full view of a watching world.

Well, we still reliably see this magical transition in America, i.e. in a part of America, just not necessarily in the United States of America.

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