In a brilliant Twitter thread, LBC presenter James O’Brien explains everything that needs to be understood about the current Conservative Leadership contestants and their failure to recognise that Brexit is an escalating national tragedy.

First published: July 2022.

James O’Brien, LBC Presenter, Podcaster, and Author:

We’re probably at least two Conservative leadership elections away from one in which Brexit is agreed to be a disaster in need of remedy. Until that happens, any leader, whether in government or opposition, will simply circle the plughole of inevitable failure like Johnson and May.

“It’s remarkable to watch from a distance, without the daily necessity of providing analysis and commentary. Tory candidates are mostly competing to promise ever more fantastical fixes to problems of Tory making, all apparently unaware of who’s been in power for twelve years.

Mordaunt remains one of Vote Leave’s most egregious liars.

Badenoch professes to care more about statues than people because she believes, rightly, that this will endear her to otherwise racist swathes of the party.

Truss is obviously appalling by every available metric.

Sunak looks like a dazed Generation Game contestant insisting that he can spin plates or ice a wedding cake.

Tugendhat is the only one truly attuned to the scale of the skip fire his party has become under Johnson but, even as this scuppers his chances, he knows he can’t say so.

And always, at the epicentre of everything awful, right-wing papers. Treating flatulent failures like David Frost and Nick Timothy like sages, denying their readers the vaguest semblance of honest reporting and peddling propaganda now designed solely to delay their own comeuppances.

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