It is all well for Number 10 to fly the flag and for ministers to celebrate the Lionesses’ win at the Euros, but is the Government currently doing enough to deal with serious issues such as the rising cost of energy in the country?

First published: August 2022.

A recent YouGov survey asked British people whether they thought the UK Government is doing well or badly at responding to the rising cost of energy in the country.

And the results are striking.

Only 1% of people surveyed said they think the current government is doing “very well”. Another 11% think the government is doing “faily well”. Taken together, it means that only 12% of people think Boris Johnson’s government is responding well to the issue of the rising cost of energy.

On the other end of the survey, 29% of people said the government is doing “faily badly” and 53% said it is doing “very badly”. Taken together, that is a massive 82% of people think the government is responding badly to the issue.


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