The Zoe COVID Study’s positive symptomatic case estimate is currently 111,567 cases (-5.2% in a week). The 7-day estimate shows 783,103 cases in a week (-7.3%). On average, it is now estimated that at least 111,872 people are still infected by coronavirus every day in the UK.

Vaccination remains the best defence against severe disease and hospitalisation. It is also sensible to wear a face covering in crowded, enclosed spaces.

🙈🙉🙊 #CovidIsNotOver

First published in August 2022.

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Latest UK Dashboard

Our reporting strategy

Since 27 July we don’t publish the UKHSA data in our daily reporting. Those figures are just conveniently and undoubtedly flawed. Instead, we now focus on the ZOE COVID Study and the ONS Infection Survey data.

Our readers deserve the truth about COVID-19 and the UK government has clearly been doing everything – from ending free tests to irregular dashboard reports, delaying and ending some data reports – to make sure the media slowly lose interest in COVID reporting and get the public to believe both that they can live with the virus and that the pandemic is over. This is wrong and untrue, as the WHO and most public health experts have repeatedly told us.

For these reasons, PMP Magazine has so far, and will continue to publish COVID daily updates because we see it as part of our mission to always report the truth, even if it means we are the last media in the UK to do so.

While others are sleepwalking to hide the inconvenient truth about COVID-19, PMP Magazine isn’t giving up! Our daily report is free and accessible to all.

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COVID is not over.

Reminder on data reporting in the UK

Since 1 July 2022, the COVID-19 UKHSA Dashboard has moved to weekly reporting.
The reporting of ZOE COVID Study data has remained daily.
The reporting of ONS Infection Survey data has remained weekly with a 7-day lag.

(Source: UKHSA | ZOE | ONS)

Zoe COVID Study Estimates

■ Daily Estimated Cases

  • We can observe that the summer wave, which started to decrease on 13-Jul after reaching 351,546 cases (12-Jul), has been plateauing for a few days and now seems to be nearing an inflection point. How prepared are we for the inevitable autumn and winter waves?

ONS Infection Survey Estimates

■ Weekly Estimates Cases

■ Weekly COVID-19 Recorded Deaths

Deaths involving COVID-19 increased in the UK
According to the ONS, 674 deaths involved coronavirus (COVID-19), down from 802 in the previous week. This meant COVID-19 deaths accounted for 5.7% of all deaths in the latest week, a decrease from 6.6% in the previous week.

In England, the number of deaths involving COVID-19 decreased from 802 in the previous week to 674 in the latest week (ending 12 August 2022).  COVID-19 deaths decreased in groups aged 25 years and over and remained at zero for groups aged under 25 years (12 August 2022).

latest guidance

UK Government’s List of symptoms of COVID-19

After two years without updating its list of just three symptoms of COVID-19 (a high temperature, a new continuous cough and a loss or change to the sense of smell or taste), the NHS has finally updated its list of symptoms of COVID:

😩 Shortness of breath
🥱 Feeling tired or exhausted
🤕 An aching body
🤯 A headache
🤐 A sore throat
🤧 A blocked or runny nose
😞 Loss of appetite
🥴 Diarrhoea
🤮 Feeling sick or being sick


Check out the latest situation for 20 of the top travel destinations for Brits:

ZOE COVID Study’s Top 20 symptoms of COVID-19 (as of 12-Aug-2022)

latest news

Monthly mortality rate for COVID-19 rises — ONS

Mortality rates for deaths due to COVID-19 in England increased to 32.6 deaths per 100,000 people in July 2022, more than twice the rate in the previous month (14.0 deaths per 100,000 people, June 2022). The COVID-19 mortality rate in England has increased to a similar level to May 2022, but is less than half the rate of January 2022 (79.3 deaths per 100,000 people).

In Wales, the COVID-19 mortality rate increased to 36.1 deaths per 100,000 people in July 2022, almost three times the rate in the previous month (12.9 deaths per 100,000 people, June 2022). The COVID-19 mortality rate in Wales has increased to a similar level to May 2022, but is half the rate of January 2022 (72.2 deaths per 100,000 people).

(Source: ONS)

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Since February 2022, the UKHSA has slowly reduced the publishing of its daily COVID updates, following the UK Government’s narrative that we should all “live with the virus”. UKHSA now reports only once a week.

The virus doesn’t take a break 6 days a week.
It doesn’t infect people from time to time.
It doesn’t stop at a border either.

The virus still spreads and kills people every day in the UK and around the world. COVID-19 is NOT over.

We, at PMP, have decided to continue to publish the latest COVID data available every day, especially the Zoe COVID Study estimates – probably more accurate than the UK Government’s own data since free testing has ended in England,  and the ONS COVID Infection Survey estimates.

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🙈🙉🙊 #CovidIsNotOver.


Twice as many people died with Covid in UK this summer compared with 2021
Higher figure fuelled by Omicron subvariants and contrasts with lower overall numbers for year to date
UK Covid inquiry bill already at £85m as government hires top law firms
Figure also includes Home Office’s £500,000 ‘strategic communications’ deal, with hearings due to start next year
Regular physical activity may lessen Covid risks, study finds
The research suggested exercise could affect the severity of infection, rates of hospitalisation and death
Covid-19 and cost-of-living crisis transform the way Londoners travel, research suggests
Londoners are far more likely to choose to staycation in the UK over going on an international holiday, new research
The role of SARS-CoV-2 in COVID-19-associated chilblains
A recent study published in the British Journal of Dermatology evaluated COVID-19-associated chilblains.
Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales, provisional - Office for National Statistics
Provisional counts of the number of deaths registered in England and Wales, including deaths involving coronavirus (COVID-19), by age, sex and region.
Chinese tourists stranded in Tibet as coronavirus cases in China reach three-month high
Thousands of Chinese tourists are stranded in Tibet as the region suffers a spike in coronavirus cases and provinces impose restrictions on travel from the area.
More than half of all destinations remain at ‘high’ Covid risk, CDC says
Locations at “high risk” for Covid -- designated as Level 3 -- still account for almost 130 of the roughly 235 places monitored by the CDC. That includes popular spots such as Spain, Italy, Mexico and Thailand.


variant news

■ 🧬 COG-UK sequencing

(Source: COG-UK)

additional data

Weekly New Hospital Admissions for COVID-19 (per million)

Cumulative number of people who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the UK

(Source: ONS)

Total Cases & Total Deaths

Estimated ®️ Number

(Sources: UK Health Security Agency + Welsh Government
+ Scottish Government + N-I Ministry of Health)

Population Testing Positive for COVID-19

(Source: ONS)

Number of contact tracing alerts sent (England & Wales)

(Source: NHS)

Stringency Index

(Source: University of Oxford)

data sources

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