▪ Latest ZOE Study

The ZOE COVID Study’s positive symptomatic case estimate is currently 203,224 new cases*. It is predicted that at least 3,075,997 people have symptomatic COVID today in the UK.


  • Latest estimate: 203,224 new cases (-13.8% in a week)
  • 7-day estimate: 1,548,224 cases (-6.4%)
  • Daily average: 221,175 people infected on average every day
  • Currently predicted to have COVID: 3,075,997 people
(* This is the equivalent of the population of Peterborough in Cambridgeshire¹ being infected in one day.)

▪ Deaths involving COVID

Deaths involving COVID-19 continued to increase in the UK

There were 449 deaths involving COVID-19 registered in the UK in the week ending 7 October 2022, up from 343 in the previous week. However, the number of death registrations in the previous week was affected by the bank holiday on 19 September 2022. Caution is needed when comparing across weeks and with the five-year average.

The total number of deaths registered in the UK in the week ending 7 October 2022 was 12,793, which was 13.7% above the five-year average (1,538 excess deaths). Deaths involving COVID-19 accounted for 3.5% of all UK deaths in the latest week, which is an increase from 2.7% in the previous week.

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  • Estimates of the population for the UK, England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, 2019 | ONS

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