S ince February 2022, the UKHSA has slowly reduced the publishing of its daily COVID updates, following the UK Government’s narrative that we should all “live with the virus”. They now reports only once a week.

We, at PMP, have decided to continue to publish the latest COVID data available every day using the ZOE COVID Study and the ONS Infection Survey to understand what is still happening with the pandemic.

▪ The Latest

The current ZOE COVID Study positive symptomatic case estimate is 157,675 new cases. It is predicted that at least 2,474,757 people have symptomatic COVID today in the UK.


  • Latest estimate: 157,675 new cases (-11.5% in a week)
  • 7-day estimate: 1,171,735 cases (-7.2%)
  • Daily average: 167,391 people infected on average every day
  • Currently predicted to have COVID: 2,474,757 people

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J.N. PAQUET, Author & Journalist, Editor of PMP Magazine.

  • Text: This piece was first published in PMP Magazine on 6 November 2022. | The authors write in a personal capacity.
  • Data cross-referenced with the latest official data from the UK dashboard.
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