President firmly rejects the notion that Brazil could help Ukraine defend against Russian missile or drone attacks by sending military aid.

On Monday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Brazilian President Lula da Silva held a joint press conference in Brasília in the last leg of the German leader’s South American trip to promote a long-delayed EU-Mercosur trade and political cooperation deal. During the meeting, Lula brought up the issue of the war in Ukraine and voiced his rejection of Scholz’s appeal for Brazil to support Kyiv with weapons.

“If one doesn’t want to, two can’t fight,” the Brazilian President said, implying that Ukraine also had a role in Russia’s invasion. He further questioned the causes of the war, asking if it was the result of NATO, territorial claims, or the desire for entry into the European Union. Lula concluded that, while Russia had made a “classic mistake” by invading Ukraine’s territory, neither side was exhibiting a sufficient willingness to resolve the war through negotiation.


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