Is there no end to MPs’ bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct, unaccountability or misbehaviour in general? How much do you actually even know about your local MPs?

This is Lee Anderson, Conservative MP for Ashfield.

First published: May 2022 - Updated: February 2023.


🌳 Conservative MP for Ashfield

MP since 12 December 2019 (elected 1 time)
Majority: 5,733
Voting record
Registered Interests
Salary: £81,932.04

Lee Anderson. | UK Parliament - Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)


“30p Lee” or “the worst man in Britain”.


Feb-2018 While serving as a Labour councillor on Ashfield Council, Lee Anderson was handed a four-month suspension by the party locally after placing boulders to deter travellers from setting up camp at a site in the area. (source)

Mar-2018 – He quit Labour and joined the Conservatives, blaming campaign group Momentum for his decision to defect to the Tories. (source)

Nov-2019 – As a Tory candidate during the general election campaign, he posted a video on Facebook calling on “Nuisance” council tenants to be forced to live in tents and pick vegetables. (source)

Nov-2019 – During the same general election campaign, he was caught by a reporter staging a fake door-knock with a friend. (source)

2020-21 Whilst he already earns £81,932.04 a year as an MP, Lee Anderson claimed £219,703.44 in business expenses (higher than the average £203,880 claimed by MPs), including £4,100 on travel and ‘subsistence’. (source)

Jun-2021 – He announced he would not be watching the England national football team at UEFA Euro 2020 games in response to the players taking the knee before their games. (source)

Dec-2021 He broke the party whip and defied the government over plans to introduce COVID passes for entry into nightclubs and mass events in England, and the expansion of laws requiring face coverings to be worn in public places. (source)

May-2022 He suggested in the House of Commons that many food bank users need to learn how to cook and budget instead of using food banks and said that meals could be cooked for as little as 30p a day. (source)

May-2022 During an interview posted online by the deputy leader of the Reclaim Party, Martin Daubney, he alleged that food writer and activist Jack Monroe was profiteering from poor people. (source)

May-2022 In a Facebook post remembering British Army soldier Lee Rigby, who was murdered by two terrorists 9 years ago, he said that he has no problem with supporting the death penalty which he wrote “would have sent these two creatures to another place and saved tax payers a fortune.” (source)

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