Good Law Project has issued a warning to the Metropolitan Police, challenging their reluctance to investigate Matt Hancock in the apparent breaches of the coronavirus regulations by the former Health Secretary.

G ood Law Project has issued a legal threat to the Metropolitan Police Service, demanding an investigation into former Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s alleged breaches of COVID-19 rules.

On June 25, 2021, the Sun published an image of Matt Hancock embracing his aide Gina Coladangelo inside the Department of Health, reporting that they were in a relationship. Hancock submitted his resignation to the Prime Minister the following day, citing a breach of social distancing guidance. However, he maintained that he did not break any laws on indoor gatherings.

Recently, during an interview on Good Morning Britain (GMB), Hancock confirmed that the photograph was taken on May 6, when England was still under β€œStep 2” restrictions, meaning indoor gatherings with people outside of your household were prohibited unless certain exceptions applied. None of these exceptions appears to have applied to Hancock and Coladangelo.


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