Former PM Theresa May criticised the Government’s Illegal Migration Bill, saying it could harm victims of modern slavery and arguing that it conflates immigration and modern slavery issues.

A s the debate over the Illegal Migration Bill rages on in the House of Commons, one voice has risen above the fray, drawing attention to a crucial detail that might otherwise have been overlooked. That voice belongs to former Prime Minister and Home Secretary, Theresa May.

Mrs May has expressed deep concern over the potential impact of the Bill on the victims of modern slavery in the United Kingdom. The essence of her argument is straightforward. The Bill, which has been dubbed the ‘Stop the Boats’ Bill, aims to curtail illegal migration and human trafficking by making it harder for people to enter the UK illegally. However, according to the former prime minister, the Bill also carries an unwritten subtext, potentially hindering victims of modern slavery from seeking help.

Mrs May said that, during her tenure as Home Secretary, she was adamant that immigration issues and modern slavery were two distinct problems, each requiring unique solutions. However, she now fears the new Bill conflates the two, leading to unintended consequences.


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