I n a world where every voice is critical, it is vital that those who have been wronged can speak their truth. Nina Cresswell’s tale exemplifies this, revealing a woman’s courage to stand tall against intimidation and the power of unity in the face of adversity.

A fateful night in 2010

One evening in 2010, as she was returning home, Nina Cresswell endured an unspeakable trauma at the hands of a man. A sexual assault. Like any right-minded individual, she approached the authorities, hoping for justice. The police interviewed her at home. Unfortunately, it did not culminate in the justice she hoped for.

Despite her immediate action, the case didn’t move forward. The police dropped the case. They recorded that no crime had been committed. The despair one might feel, after seeking protection from the authorities only to be left unheard, is immeasurable. But for Nina, giving up wasn’t an option.


As avenues for justice seemed to close, the global #MeToo movement, which began as a whisper, soon erupted into a cacophony of voices worldwide. #MeToo offered survivors like Nina an opportunity to share their stories. Nina took the bold step of naming her assailant online, hoping to shield other women from a similar fate.

She bravely shared her story of sexual assault on Telegra.ph, an anonymous blogging site. Feeling a sense of responsibility, she privately sent her account to a few friends, wanting to warn other women about the perpetrator.


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