Environment Secretary Steve Barclay received a £3,000 donation from climate change sceptic Sir Michael Hintze, raising concerns about Barclay’s stance on environmental issues and potential conflicts of interest, prompting scrutiny of the government’s commitment to environmental goals.

T he Good Law Project has unveiled today that Steve Barclay, the recently appointed environment secretary, received a £3,000 donation from Conservative Party peer Sir Michael Hintze.

Hintze is known for supporting the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), a group opposing climate policies. This revelation raises questions about Barclay’s stance on environmental issues. Good Law Project and MPs have scrutinised GWPF’s charity status, with allegations of biased research practices and financial dealings with non-charitable entities such as Net Zero Watch, leading to a Charity Commission report.

Lord Hintze’s donation, disclosed in the latest Register of Members’ Financial Interests, has sparked questions about Barclay’s alignment with climate-related initiatives.

Steve Barclay’s ties to Lord Hintze and potential conflicts of interest further fuel concerns about the government’s commitment to environmental goals.


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