G ood Law Project extended a final olive branch to UK Ministers, urging disclosure of the risks of their net zero plans. Despite this, the government stalls, attempting to shield vulnerabilities in its climate strategy from public scrutiny.

Rishi Sunak’s Detour to Dubai

Rishi Sunak’s journey to COP28 in his private jet has raised eyebrows. Behind the scenes, the Government conceals assessments that could expose flaws in its latest net-zero blueprint. The Prime Minister’s silence on this matter speaks volumes.

The Government rebuffed Good Law Project’s plea to settle the legal challenge, opting to withhold crucial assessments. However, Claire Coutinho, the Secretary of State for Net Zero, acknowledged the potential for publication during the upcoming High Court hearing.

Despite the theoretical possibility of a court order preventing publication, such a desperate move seems unlikely to succeed. The Government’s attempt to keep assessments confidential becomes a focal point, inviting speculation on the true extent of their concerns.


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