As the UK faces a surge in COVID-19 cases ahead of the festive season, concerns arise over the reliability of outdated lateral flow tests. Experts warn of compromised accuracy due to buffer liquid evaporation, urging individuals to check test expiration dates.

As the festive season approaches, the spectre of rising COVID-19 cases in the UK looms large, prompting a critical call from scientists to scrutinise the reliability of your COVID tests.

With concerns over the use of outdated lateral flow tests, experts are cautioning Brits to be vigilant, as these tests may compromise accuracy due to the evaporation of buffer liquid over time.

The Risk of Out-of-Date Tests

As COVID cases surge in the UK, the reliance on accurate testing becomes paramount. Scientists, including Professor Lawrence Young from Warwick University, underscore the crucial need to assess the validity of lateral flow tests, particularly those obtained before April 2022. The concern is that these tests, now nearing expiration, may yield less reliable results due to the degradation of essential components.


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