COVID-19 is experiencing a surge this winter in both England and Scotland. Prevalence is widespread, impacting all age groups, and increasing uncertainty in estimates across English regions, particularly in London and the South East.

T he spectre of COVID-19 looms large over England and Scotland* this winter, marking a surge that demands our attention.

As of 13 December, the prevalence of the virus has skyrocketed, enveloping 4.2% of the population in its infectious grip, equivalent to a staggering 2,549,000 individuals, according to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA). This ominous surge, mostly due to the JN.1 variant, has cast a shadow over every corner of society, currently touching one in every 24 people in England and Scotland.

— Estimates of prevalence over time in combined England and Scotland between 14 November 2023 and 13 December 2023.


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