In a candid interview with Radio Times, LBC’s Nick Ferrari recalled a time when Boris Johnson had a tendency to vanish off-camera during challenging radio interviews. Ferrari revealed how they eventually took measures to prevent this by securing the chair with bolts.

I n the heydays of Johnson’s mayoral tenure from 2008 to 2016, his appearances on Nick Ferrari’s LBC show, “Ask Boris,” were notorious for making headlines with his casual and flippant remarks. However, a peculiar habit emerged when faced with tough questions – Boris Johnson would mumble and roll his chair out of the frame, prompting LBC staff to secure the chair firmly in place to avoid these unscripted exits.

Ferrari, who has spent the last two decades waking up Londoners, humorously termed this fixation as the “Boris bolt.” Reflecting on the shows in a Radio Times interview, Ferrari recounted, “[When we were] doing the #AskBoris shows and he was mayor, he’d be asked why he was cancelling the 63 bus and he’d just drift off camera.”


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