Dr Alan Greene Dr Alan Greene
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  • Birmingham, UK.
Reader in Constitutional Law and Human Rights, University of Birmingham. He has published widely in the area of emergency powers, counter-terrorism, and constituent power.

Downing Street party: What the law actually said about work gatherings in May 2020.

6 min read
Boris Johnsonโ€™s arguments fall down in several key ways. A refresher on what the law and guidelines were at that time.

Conservative MP rebellion: โ€˜Human rightsโ€™ opposition to new COVID measures doesnโ€™t add up.

5 min read
The libertarian Tory MPsโ€™ revolt over new public health restrictions comes in stark contrast to their support of other draconian laws that violate human rights. We have rights by virtue of the fact that we are human, not simply because we are good citizens.
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