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Contribees are contributor-writers whose academic work, independent analyses, opinion pieces, commentaries, and blog posts are published in PMP Magazine but who are not part of our Editorial Team.

How did ‘taking back control’ of borders become record-high net migration?

5 min read
After Brexit, the UK has had fewer migrants from the EU, but they have been far outstripped by people coming from elsewhere.

Thousands of people in the UK are out of work due to long COVID

5 min read
Studies from multiple countries have found that long COVID is linked to an increased likelihood of not working. Here’s what’s happened in the UK.

What we know so far about reports of battles being fought across the border in Russia

5 min read
Early reports suggest pro-Kyiv and anti-Putin partisans have launched significant attacks on Russian soil.

G7 summit in Hiroshima will force world leaders to confront the continuing nuclear threat

5 min read
The heads of some of the most powerful countries in the world would be wise to listen to the devastating testimony of Hiroshima survivors.

Food prices are rising but farmers’ profits are still small

5 min read
As a Downing Street summit discussed UK food crisis, highlighting the need for transparency and fairness in supply chains, over 4 million people in the food industry struggle due to an unfair system with low wages and unequal marginal costs across the chain.

Emmanuel Macron: A French president whose populist tactics are derailing his own career

5 min read
French president Emmanuel Macron is facing a political crisis unprecedented in contemporary times.

Zelensky’s European tour has won critical support for Ukraine’s counter-offensive

5 min read
The recent visits of Volodymyr Zelensky to his European allies to seek military and diplomatic support for the war against Russia was a success as Germany, France, and Britain have agreed to provide Ukraine with more weapons and equipment for its counter-offensive.
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