Dr Despina Alexiadou Dr Despina Alexiadou
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  • Glasgow, Scotland.
Senior Lecturer at the School of Government and Public Policy, University of Strathclyde.

British prime ministers reshuffle more than other leaders โ€“ What the latest changes tell us about Rishi Sunakโ€™s government

5 min read
Sunakโ€™s cabinet reshuffle, triggered by the firing of Suella Braverman, indicates a politically driven move rather than a focus on policy outcomes. The reshuffle suggests a focus on political survival over a coherent policy agenda, raising questions about government effectiveness and stability.

These two daunting challenges sit right at the top of the new prime ministerโ€™s in-tray

4 min read
British households want answers from their new leader as they look at their soaring energy bills, but it is hard to see Liz Truss winning huge support from voters at the next election considering her views on economic issues.

Boris Johnson never took full control of the Tory party โ€“ uniting it now seems impossible.

4 min read
A strong party leader is both in control of the organisation of their party and can set and articulate the partyโ€™s priorities. With 41% of his MPs united against him, Boris Johnson is unlikely to last long โ€“ or get much done if he does.
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