FM Hansen

FM Hansen

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  • Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Editorial Cartoonist, Animator, Artist. Cartoons about politics, business, tech, as well as simple shortcomings of just being human, because humor can help us make sense of our crazy, mixed-up world.

Look at me!

1 min read
Maybe it’s the Trump effect but the GOP has now become the “Look at me! Look at me!” party on Capitol Hill. — Today’s Political Cartoon by FM Hansen.


1 min read
Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, you won’t ever be Meta-hungry... it seems. — Today’s Political Cartoon by FM Hansen.

And the beat goes on...

1 min read
In the US, the Republican Party is working in unison to sow fear into the 2022 midterm voter. — Today’s Political Cartoon by FM Hansen.
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