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  • Liverpool, UK.
Professor of Politics, Department of Politics, University of Liverpool.

By-election losses are terrible for the Conservatives – but there are glimmers of hope

4 min read
The Conservatives lost two more by-elections, and only just held Uxbridge by a whisker. The party faces its worst defeat since 1997 as Sunak lags far behind Starmer. Is there more trouble ahead?

What does a good night look like for Keir Starmer’s Labour or Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives?

4 min read
There’s a lot to play for in the final big electoral test before the next national vote, especially in northern regions where Labour hopes to make a comeback.

Will Keir Starmer lead Labour back into government?

5 min read
There’s a mountain to climb but there are positive signs for the opposition in the first few weeks of Liz Truss’s government.

Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton by-elections: Even Boris Johnson loyalists will now be worried for the next election.

5 min read
By-election defeats in Tiverton and Honiton and Wakefield will have shaken some Conservative MPs. If he survives until next year, Boris Johnson will need credible local election results.

After the confidence vote, what now for ‘Big Dog’?

5 min read
Politics professor Jon Tonge was pretty much spot on with his prediction for the result of the no-confidence vote against Boris Johnson. Here’s how he calculated the result and what might happen next.

Local elections 2022: Your complete guide to the votes happening across the UK.

5 min read
What to expect for Labour and Conservatives in England and Wales, as the pressure keeps mounting on Boris Johnson? What about Northern Ireland where Sinn Féin are favourite to become the largest party?
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