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Rwandan homes praised by Braverman ‘won’t go to asylum seekers’

5 min read
The UK-Rwanda asylum deal, marred by legal and financial issues, raises concerns as Rwanda developers admit that Suella Braverman’s “beautiful” flats for deported asylum seekers in Rwanda have been sold to Rwandans, contradicting the former home secretary’s claims.

More than just an election: The other key political events in 2024

4 min read
From new immigration laws to the COVID inquiry’s module on vaccines, 2024 is more than just a year to head to the polls.

Did Sunak mislead Parliament over Eat Out to Help Out?

3 min read
Rishi Sunak faces calls to apologise to Parliament for allegedly misleading statements about following scientific advice during the pandemic. Evidence reveals there was no consultation with scientists before implementing the Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

Boris Johnson: “My mistakes during COVID did not lead to excess deaths”

2 min read
Boris Johnson, appearing at the COVID inquiry, denied government mistakes contributed to excess deaths, attributing them to an elderly population and high population density, and struggled to name a single mistake his government made.

Government extensively profiled NHS doctor who fought for COVID transparency

5 min read
The government compiled a dossier of information on a doctor who fought for COVID planning papers.

Matt Hancock knew COVID tier system would not work

3 min read
Matt Hancock foresaw the failure of the October 2020 COVID tier system, admitting in a witness statement that he was in despair over implementing a policy he knew wouldn’t work.

‘We look like a terrible, tragic joke’: COVID WhatsApps show government chaos

4 min read
The COVID inquiry was shown Whatsapp chats from the early days of the pandemic in which cabinet secretary Simon Case said government decision-making made it look like a ‘terrible, tragic joke’.
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