Professor Paul Whiteley

Professor Paul Whiteley

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  • Colchester, UK.
Professor, Department of Government, University of Essex. Research interests: examining nature & significance of political participation, understanding causes & effects of public opinion on politics.

Tory leadership race: Will Liz Truss’s tax cut proposals win her votes?

5 min read
The likely next prime minister is focusing on tax cuts to solve inflation. There are indeed votes to be won by focusing on taxes – but these are among Conservative party members, not the general public.

Cost of living crisis: The UK needs to raise taxes not cut them

5 min read
Tax cuts are unlikely to help Britain address its current crises. Extra spending has to be financed. To do this, Britain needs higher taxes, not tax cuts.

Is race an issue that might explain why Rishi Sunak is doing so badly among Tory members?

6 min read
A difficult question for pollsters to investigate: Is race an issue for Rishi Sunak? No one says ‘yes, ethnicity is an issue for me’ when pollsters ask but Conservative party members do show an above-average opposition to diversity drives.

Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss? Polling shows party members want her – but the wider voting public would choose him.

5 min read
Will Conservative Party members choose their preferred leader to become the new Prime Minister or the candidate who is more popular with the wider public?

What the result of the confidence vote means for the PM and the Conservative Party.

4 min read
With 41% of his MPs voting against his leadership, how realistic are Boris Johnson’s hopes for survival?

Why Britain really can’t afford to cut civil servants right now.

5 min read
The plan to cut 91,000 civil service jobs could make service delivery impossible after decades of decline – not a winning campaign strategy in a future general election.

Boris Johnson should be very worried about what 2022 local council results mean for the next general election.

4 min read
There is a strong correlation between local election results and general election results two years later. If that pattern holds, Johnson’s parliamentary majority is at risk. The Conservatives could lose up to 122 seats in the next general election.
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