Rashmee Roshan Lall

Rashmee Roshan Lall

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  • London, UK & Tunis, Tunisia.
Journalist by trade & inclination. World affairs columnist.

No, decolonising your bookshelf doesn’t mean getting rid of Jane Austen.

7 min read
It is a truth universally acknowledged that the right-wing press will inflame any debate on decolonisation, regardless of the facts.

Nestle and the business of morality.

3 min read
The issue of ethics and business comes up a lot, with respect to the Ukraine war, Black Lives Matter, transgender rights and more.

A telling story about Putin’s state of mind from a European diplomat.

2 min read
How the story from a former ambassador in Moscow about Vladimir Putin suggests that the Russian leader’s apparent goal might be far larger than any peace deal with Ukraine.

What can China do about Ukraine and will it do it?

2 min read
The horror of what is happening in Ukraine has focussed minds on China’s obligations.

The best-laid plans of mice and men... and Putin and his gold.

3 min read
The unprecedented package of tough and coordinated sanctions against Russia after the Ukraine invasion shows that war chests are only as good as the purpose for which they’re used.

For Russia, it’s all alt... even its tsar.

3 min read
Russia is now in an alternate universe where Vladimir Putin recreates the Russian empire.

Royal finances – Our money and theirs.

3 min read
Some of Europe’s most progressive democracies have titular monarchs – mostly anonymous men and women, not the UK where the royal family takes the route to A-list celebrity.
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