Dr Samuel Power Dr Samuel Power
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  • Brighton, UK.
Lecturer in Corruption Analysis (Politics), School of Law, Politics and Sociology, University of Sussex.

Boris Johnson’s evidence to MPs’ partygate investigation: The key points of disagreement explained

6 min read
Before the Committee of Privileges, Boris Johnson argued the Downing Street events were needed to boost morale and that the rules were too hard to maintain, insisting that the gatherings with wine were essential work meetings.

Boris Johnson no longer has the political capital to get away with giving his dad a knighthood

5 min read
Boris Johnson holds a different view to many on what constitutes acceptable and appropriate standards in public life. He repeatedly calculates that voters don’t care about his rule-breaking. But that is not necessarily true.

Nadhim Zahawi sacked: Today’s Tory scandals are similar to 1990s sleaze stories in more than one way

5 min read
The prime minister’s pledge to bring integrity to public office could become a stick to beat him with – just like ‘back to basics’ became one for John Major.

Resignation honours — What are they, why are they so controversial and can the system ever be changed?

5 min read
The prospect of Boris Johnson and Liz Truss adding peers to the House of Lords has reopened a knotty debate that never quite gets resolved.
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