Simon Nicholas Williams Simon Nicholas Williams
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  • Swansea, UK.
Lecturer in Psychology at Swansea University, UK, and Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Social Sciences in Northwestern University, Chicago, USA.

The β€˜jab market’ of private COVID vaccines is a good thing for public health – but not for health inequality

5 min read
Privately selling COVID vaccines could boost immunity but raises worries about health inequalities. Affordability issues may limit access for lower-income individuals, worsening disparities in vaccine distribution.

COVID barely gets a mention these days – Here’s why that’s a dangerous situation

4 min read
COVID remains a significant global health threat, causing 10,000 deaths in 50 countries and a 42% increase in hospitalisations in December 2023. Complacency poses risks.

Vaccine hesitancy is one of the greatest threats to global health – and the pandemic has made it worse

4 min read
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a decline in childhood vaccinations worldwide, contributing to outbreaks of infectious diseases. Tackling misinformation will be a big part of addressing vaccine hesitancy.

How austerity made the UK more vulnerable to COVID

5 min read
Evidence shows austerity has wide-ranging consequences for health.
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