Tetyana Malyarenko Tetyana Malyarenko
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  • Odessa, Ukraine.
Professor of International Relations, Jean Monnet Professor of European Security, National University Odesa Law Academy.

Ukraine war: Corruption scandals and high-level rifts could become an existential threat as Kyiv asks for more military aid

4 min read
Ukraine faces a dual challenge: while President Zelensky’s anti-corruption efforts show progress, a scandal involving missing military supplies highlights pervasive corruption, jeopardizing both internal stability and Western support.

Ukraine War: Mixed signals among Kyiv’s allies hint at growing conflict fatigue

5 min read
As the war nears 600 days, there are signs that support for Ukraine could be beginning to waver in some parts.

Putin seriously weakened by Wagner Group mutiny – but it was a missed opportunity for Ukraine too

5 min read
Yevgeny Prigozhin’s coup attempt exposed the weakness and fragility of Vladimir Putin’s regime and the war in Ukraine. The crisis also raised doubts about Russia’s reliability as a partner for its allies. The failed rebellion may have lasting repercussions for Russia and the region.
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