Thomas Caygill Thomas Caygill
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  • Nottingham, UK.
Senior Lecturer in Politics, Nottingham Trent University.

David Cameron returns: How can a prime minister make someone who isn’t an MP foreign secretary? And what happens now?

5 min read
Rishi Sunak’s decision to appoint former PM David Cameron as foreign secretary, even though Cameron is not a current member of the Commons, highlights the influence of patronage exercised by the PM and raises concerns about democratic legitimacy.

Boris Johnson to face MPs over partygate – but what is ‘misleading parliament’ and why is it so serious?

5 min read
Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing questions from MPs about allegations of misleading Parliament. Misleading Parliament is an offence that could carry serious consequences.

What happened in the night of Westminster chaos that triggered the PM’s resignation?

6 min read
When government whips turned a vote on fracking into a vote of confidence in the government, confusion ensued. Eventually, Liz Truss had no choice but to resign.

The tactics Tory rebels could use to derail Boris Johnson.

5 min read
Boris Johnson wants to move on to other government businesses, but the PM’s opponents in the Conservative Party (and there are many) could bog down and/or derail his legislative agenda to contest his leadership.

Sue Gray report – Why hasn’t Boris Johnson resigned?

6 min read
The ministerial code states that misleading parliament is an offence requiring a resignation. But it’s the prime minister himself who decides if the rule has been broken.
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