Examining the financial sustainability of mainstream schools in England.

5 min read
Some schools have reduced staffing levels or changed the support provided to pupils with special educational needs and disabilities because of financial pressures on schools’ provision.

Today in COVID 🦠 25 November 2021.

12 min read
Today’s data in the UK reports another 147 deaths due to Covid-19 and 47,240 new coronavirus infections in 24 hours; and marks another grim milestone with over 10 million UK infections since the pandemic started, and over 1 million infections now every 28-days.

Front pages 📰 25 November 2021.

2 min read
We take a look at the front pages of the main UK newspapers and magazines today with a special focus on political stories without any side distractions.

The perfect figurehead for a corrupt and unreformable Westminster.

5 min read
What the Tories are getting with Boris Johnson is precisely what they should have expected they were going to get. He’s incapable of change and as such is a perfect figurehead for a corrupt and shambolic Westminster which is incapable of reform.

‘I don’t feel like a person anymore’ – The emotional side of claiming universal credit.

4 min read
Being on universal credit affects people in more ways than just financial.

A pause to reflect.

14 min read
With the Northern Ireland Protocol talks looking set to continue, some reflections on how narratives of the success and failure of Brexit are developing and how these will eventually coalesce into a ‘received image’.

Today in COVID 🦠 24 November 2021.

12 min read
Today’s data in the UK reports a further 149 deaths due to COVID-19 and 43,676 new coronavirus infections in 24 hours. This means there have now been 926 deaths in the last 7 days, equivalent to around 132 each of those days, or 48,284 annually.
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