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Truss’s dead cat splat

6 min read
If Liz Truss can do this much damage in 2 days, God knows what she can do in 2 years.

What happens – and when – in the race to replace Boris Johnson.

5 min read
Conservative MPs vote in the first round and members in the second.

After years of breaking the rules, Boris Johnson must now hope his MPs won’t change the only one keeping him in office.

5 min read
The Conservatives have always been happy to rewrite their own rules when it suits them. Rest assured they will eject any leader – no matter who they are – if they feel it benefits the party and its members.

A Tory vote of self-preservation.

6 min read
The fact that Boris Johnson is in this position despite winning a huge majority just over two years ago is a testament to his gross unsuitability for high office.

Vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson tonight.

6 min read
Two years after winning an 80-seat majority in the 2019 general election, Boris Johnson is now fighting for his political survival as a secret ballot of Conservative MPs is expected to be held tonight in Westminster.

Boris Johnson polling is now so bad that it makes sense for Conservative MPs to get rid of him.

5 min read
If Boris Johnson is not replaced by a new leader, backbench Conservative MPs would be well advised to start brushing up their CVs in preparation for life after Westminster.
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