2024 US Presidential Election
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Donald Trump is already flustering foreign leaders who are trying to prepare for a possible presidency

5 min read
Donald Trump’s influence on the 2024 US presidential race is unprecedented, shaping both domestic and foreign agendas, prompting policy changes, and causing global uncertainty, even without an official candidacy.

Five reasons why Trump’s Republican opponents were never going to beat him

5 min read
Despite initial doubts, Donald Trump’s 2024 Republican nomination was inevitable due to boosted momentum from criminal prosecutions, ballot disqualifications, party machine support, and a genuine desire for Trumpism.

My Trump-supporting friends, please take a step back

3 min read
B. Jay Cooper tells his friends supporting Donald Trump to reflect on his character and actions, especially his silence on Putin’s actions, including the death of Navalny, and his disregard for NATO solidarity, risking alliances.

Should Donald Trump be disqualified from state ballots in presidential election? Here’s how the US Supreme Court might rule

6 min read
The US Supreme Court is set to hear Donald Trump’s appeal against exclusion from the Colorado Republican primary, facing constitutional issues on insurrection charges and Section 3 application. The outcome’s uncertainty raises concerns for American democracy.

Bet on the Deep State!!

2 min read
Taylor Swift, allegedly a government plant, is theorised by right-wing conspiracists to strategically endorse Joe Biden with boyfriend Travis Kelce before the November election.

Joe Biden could still stand down before the election – here’s how and what would happen next

5 min read
When Joe Biden became president in 2021, expectations were to heal after Trump. Now, facing low approval and Trump’s rise, Democrats debate Biden’s 2024 run, fearing a risky legacy.

Two charts that reveal a key weakness in Trump’s reelection bid

5 min read
Donald Trump’s New Hampshire primary win strengthens his 2024 Republican nomination chances, but winning independents poses a challenge. The 2020 study suggests Biden’s broader appeal and likability may challenge Trump’s divisive strategy.
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