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Libya’s warring governments and the West

2 min read
Eight years on from the grand bargain, Libya’s situation is even more woeful.

Beating drought with innovation in Namibia

2 min read
Windhoek, Namibia’s capital, provides 99% of its population with drinking water despite severe shortages. The world’s first direct potable reuse plant produces 5.5M gallons daily, meets 35% of the city’s water needs and complies with WHO guidelines.

Niger coup: West African union has pledged to intervene – but some members support the plotters

5 min read
The coup in Niger has the potential to further destabilise the whole of West Africa.

Russia’s support base grows as countries continue to mix vodka with their politics

4 min read
Russia’s support base is slowly growing while countries condemning it have decreased, particularly from emerging economies.

Questions about Wagner Group involvement in Sudan as another African country falls prey to Russian mercenaries

6 min read
The role of the Wagner Group in the Sudan crisis is not yet clear, but its mercenaries are reported to be involved in a number of African countries.

Sudan: Violence between army and militia is a symptom of an old disease that is destroying Africa

6 min read
Sudan is in a power struggle between its military and paramilitary forces causing fears of civil war. Authoritarian rulers setting up armed groups, loose command and control, ethnic ties and external mercenaries have exacerbated the issue.

Is the Marburg virus outbreak in Equatorial Guinea the next pandemic?

3 min read
WHO is investigating a Marburg virus outbreak in Equatorial Guinea; sending experts, providing resources, and establishing local lab facilities to identify the source and control the spread.
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