Bibby Stockholm Barge
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‘When you get status the struggle doesn’t end’ — What it’s like to be a new refugee in the UK

5 min read
New refugees have just 28 days to access the essential services they need to rebuild their lives in the UK. In the ‘destitution gap’, many will become homeless.

Bibby Stockholm: Legionella is not the only health threat on the asylum barge

4 min read
Asylum seekers were evacuated from the Bibby Stockholm barge due to legionella bacteria. The barge, which has been controversial for its cramped conditions and impact on the local community, is feared to increase the risk of mental health issues and infectious diseases among residents.

Tory MP tells asylum seekers to “f*** off back to France” if they don’t like barges

7 min read
Amidst the ongoing debate about asylum seekers being housed on barges, Tory MP Lee Anderson’s populist views have stirred controversy.

‘Performative cruelty’: The hostile architecture of the UK government’s migrant barge

5 min read
Semi-carceral facilities accommodating irregular migrants are designed to be hostile spaces that expose people to substandard conditions and keep them on the move, detached from wider society.
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