Boris Johnson

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Not my Brexit.

13 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis. As the damage they have caused quietly mounts, some leading Brexiters are saying “it’s not my Brexit” whilst others say that we must wait decades to judge – both are ways of avoiding accountability.

In Tory Britain, you never know what will happen yesterday.

5 min read
The UK is now at that critical point where it is about to slide into full-blown authoritarianism, presided over by an entitled clown.

A moral vacuum... on either side of the English Channel?

4 min read
On either side of the English Channel, the debate is about a moral vacuum.

Why the UK government’s plan to overturn court decisions is a bad idea.

5 min read
Plans by the government to regularly overturn court decisions are the perfect way to avoid accountability, undermine independent scrutiny and weaken the role of the courts in holding the government to account.

Downing Street Christmas party: Four key takeaways from the leaked Allegra Stratton video.

5 min read
The aesthetics of Allegra Stratton’s mock press conference made the revelations coming out of it so much worse.

Brexit discredited.

12 min read
Brutal but fair, Professor Chris Grey’s Brexit analysis of the strange case of Thatcherite Brexiters and the incoherent post-Brexit strategy their misunderstandings of markets and regulation have led to.

The joke isn’t funny anymore.

12 min read
Boris Johnson’s reputation may have reached a tipping point, but ‘Brexitification’ is pervasive and nowhere more evident than in the vile politics of the cross-channel migration tragedy.
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