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Your mobile phone runs on Cobalt from DR Congo

2 min read
It is highly probable that the battery of your mobile phone is sourced from cobalt from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where an estimated 40,000 children are employed in cobalt mines.

Christmas should be cancelled in December and moved to February 7

2 min read
Why Christmas comes too soon after Thanksgiving.

Can’t pay? Won’t pay!

16 min read
Rishi Sunak’s pitch of economic competence brings the cost of Brexit into new focus. For all the claims of the usual suspects, voters won’t be willing to pay the price of this failed and unpopular project.

Nestle and the business of morality.

3 min read
The issue of ethics and business comes up a lot, with respect to the Ukraine war, Black Lives Matter, transgender rights and more.

Mugged by reality.

14 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s Brexit analysis on Brexiters demanding concrete results while their slogans get exposed by reality. With discussion of financial services, gene editing, CE marks, alcohol duties, ‘Making Brexit Work’, and lashings of Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Brexit: What the UK/EU customs changes mean for businesses from January 1.

4 min read
For a government that was elected on the motto of “getting Brexit done”, it is perhaps not so surprising that so little has been said about the upcoming changes.

Not my Brexit.

13 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis. As the damage they have caused quietly mounts, some leading Brexiters are saying “it’s not my Brexit” whilst others say that we must wait decades to judge – both are ways of avoiding accountability.
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