China-Russia Relationship
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Xi-Putin meeting: Here’s what it says about their current, and future, relationship

4 min read
Vladimir Putin’s first trip outside Russia in 20 months is to attend Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) anniversary summit. Both leaders aim to challenge the Western-dominated order but their partnership leans towards China.

Xi and Putin meeting signals the return of the China-Russia axis and the start of a second cold war

5 min read
With their meeting, Russian and Chinese leaders Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin have signalled the official return of their alliance and the beginning of a new “Cold War”. The two nations will work together to restore their power over global affairs, challenging the West’s domination.

War in Ukraine: Beijing’s peace initiative offers glimpse at how China plans to win the war

5 min read
Beijing’s 12-point proposal is a broad-brush plan for an end to hostilities which positions China as a key power broker.

Putin’s failure in Ukraine will pave the way for China’s rise to pre-eminence in Eurasia

5 min read
A rapid shift in the balance of power between Moscow and Beijing has become apparent at the last Shanghai Cooperation Organisation meeting after the enormous military setbacks that Russia has suffered over the past few weeks in Ukraine.

Last week the Axis Of Autocracy was consummated.

6 min read
If Donald Trump is elected President in 2024, none of the world’s democracies will be safe or protected from China’s or Russia’s forced attempts to convert democracies to autocracies.

What can China do about Ukraine and will it do it?

2 min read
The horror of what is happening in Ukraine has focussed minds on China’s obligations.
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