China-Taiwan Tension
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The upshot of ‘He said, Xi said’: More pandas to the US

3 min read
Joe Biden and Xi Jinping participated in a crucial summit during the APEC forum in San Francisco. Acknowledging competition, the leaders underscored the importance of averting conflict and committed to resuming military contact.

What Joe Biden’s meeting with Xi Jinping means for geopolitical tensions

6 min read
In a high-stakes meeting at the APEC summit, US President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping aimed to ease tensions in a complex relationship shaped by economic interdependence. Resolving grievances requires ongoing dialogue and cooperation.

Macron stirs up trouble by asking Europe to take it slow with Taiwan

2 min read
President Macron’s remarks on Taiwan have attracted criticism as he urged the EU to achieve strategic autonomy by reducing its reliance on the U.S., and called for Europe to be a third power in the world order.

Why Beijing has decided this is the year to ‘unify’ with Taiwan

5 min read
China’s leaders could use an attack on Taiwan as a distraction from economic issues at home.
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