China-US Relationship
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Macron stirs up trouble by asking Europe to take it slow with Taiwan

2 min read
President Macron’s remarks on Taiwan have attracted criticism as he urged the EU to achieve strategic autonomy by reducing its reliance on the U.S., and called for Europe to be a third power in the world order.

Xi and Putin meeting signals the return of the China-Russia axis and the start of a second cold war

5 min read
With their meeting, Russian and Chinese leaders Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin have signalled the official return of their alliance and the beginning of a new “Cold War”. The two nations will work together to restore their power over global affairs, challenging the West’s domination.

Chinese spy balloon over the US: An aerospace expert explains how the balloons work and what they can see

7 min read
A Chinese high-altitude balloon recently entered U.S. airspace, causing a high-level diplomatic meeting in Beijing to be cancelled in response. The balloon was shot down afterwards, even though it is believed that it was just a political provocation by China.
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