Climate Action
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Oil and gas lobbyists have deep pockets and access to politicians, but an EU ban could be in the pipeline

4 min read
Tobacco lobbyists are strongly regulated – could a ‘tobacco-style’ ban work in the EU for fossil fuel interests?

North Sea oil: Politics, profits, and the price of environmental sacrifice

3 min read
The UK’s approval of North Sea oil and gas licenses, including for a major Conservative donor’s subsidiary, sparks controversy. Critics question environmental impact, conflicts of interest, and adherence to climate goals.

Why billionaires should take the lead and declare their own emissions-cutting targets

4 min read
The annual gathering in Davos showcases the hypocrisy of high-carbon lifestyles among leaders and CEOs advocating for climate action. Though systemic change is crucial, leaders setting personal emissions targets would enhance credibility and spur broader commitment.

How COP28 failed the world’s small islands

5 min read
Despite declarations of unity and progress at COP28, the Alliance of Small Island States expressed disappointment in the final agreement, citing “loopholes” and a lack of representation for small island developing states.

Climate change could lead to food-related civil unrest in UK within 50 years

5 min read
A study suggests that food shortages due to extreme weather events could lead to civil unrest in the UK within 50 years. The country’s vulnerable food system, marked by efficiency over resilience, emphasises the need for plans to address potential disruptions.

It’s time to limit how often we can travel abroad – ‘carbon passports’ may be the answer

5 min read
This summer saw global tourism rebound to 84% of pre-pandemic levels, raising climate change concerns due to extreme weather events. A proposal for “carbon passports” aims to curb environmental impact by 2040.

Don’t look there: How politicians divert our attention from climate protesters’ claims

3 min read
By focusing on the disruption caused by Just Stop Oil, politicians avoid having to talk about the substance of their argument.
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