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Government finally publishes missing £248m ventilator contracts and reveals it hired a firm to destroy unused equipment

3 min read
The Cabinet Office have finally published the remaining COVID Ventilator Challenge contracts – and the waste is shocking.

‘Dear Rishi’ – The code words of British politics

3 min read
Britain’s political landscape is full of coded language, where words and phrases mean something entirely different to the public than to those in power. They carefully craft their language with purpose, speaking in a way that will be understood, not necessarily heard.

Brexit Britain: Grow-your-own-salad country vs start-up nation

3 min read
What’s a sustainable ambition for Brexit Britain? Not to become a start-up nation but to grow your own salad.

Ukraine’s defence ministry corruption reshuffle marks a painful moment in an agonising war

3 min read
Ukraine faces a tough challenge with its top official’s shuffle and military food purchases reportedly going at highly inflated prices while the nation is at war.

Sunak-linked hedge fund sees pandemic profits soar to £109m

3 min read
Has Rishi Sunak benefitted from Government contracts during the pandemic? A hedge fund, where the Prime Minister was a founding partner, has seen its profits more than double in a year.

Are you ready for Boiled Raisin Cake as the Ukraine war drags on?

3 min read
With no sign of Russia ending its hideous war in Ukraine, are we facing a return to rationing times?

So Boris Johnson’s comeback trail, like that of Liz Truss, runs through Washington, DC?

3 min read
There is a section of the Tories that doesn’t view bipartisanship as important in the relationship with America. There lies a perilous path.
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