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A Northern Ireland photo powerfully represents a hazy concept: Peace

4 min read
Michelle O’Neill and Emma Little-Pengelly, political rivals in Northern Ireland, exemplify unity for a shared political goal despite ideological differences. Their collaboration marks a positive step towards peace and cooperation.

The Palestinians won’t cease to exist just cause they don’t have a refugee agency

3 min read
Several Western donor countries have suspended funding to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees based on Israeli accusations of staff involvement in Hamas attacks, impacting millions of Palestinians in Gaza, despite ongoing investigations.

NATO’s biggest exercise since Cold War could poke Russian bear

3 min read
The start of 2024 witnesses escalating global threats: the ongoing conflicts in Gaza, Iran-Pakistan exchanges, China’s tensions with Taiwan, North Korea’s strategic shift, and a concerning prospect of Russia using nuclear weapons to deter NATO.

‘Deploy diplomats to deal with Houthis, war is no recipe for peace’

2 min read
The Houthis hold freedom of navigation hostage to press for a ceasefire in Gaza. The West responds with bombs on Houthi facilities in Yemen. How is this conducive to peace in our time?

Mendacious narcissistic sociopaths

6 min read
While Rishi Sunak hints at delaying the next general election, countering earlier expectations, criticism grows over the PM’s narrative, including handling PPE contracts, his views on the Rwanda scheme, and underscoring accountability concerns.

Rishi Sunak and Giorgia Meloni’s Rome tryst on migration

4 min read
The UK media sensationalised a political meeting between Rishi Sunak and Giorgia Meloni, labelling it a “love-burst”. Instead, the event in Rome focused on migration controls and blurred lines between the Conservative and far-right politicians.

Through its immigration policies, the UK government decides whose families are ‘legitimate’

5 min read
UK proposes changes to visa rules amid migration panic. Health and care visa holders can’t bring family; British citizens need £38,700 income for non-British families. Policies suggest hierarchy in family legitimacy, impacting migrants and mixed-nationality families.
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