Conservative Leadership Contest
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The 2022 Conservative Party leadership election will determine the next Leader of the Conservative Party and therefore the next UK Prime Minister.

Is it legitimate for the Conservatives to continue in government without an election?

5 min read
Rishi Sunak is the fifth prime minister since 2016 and the third since the last general election. The UK does not have a written constitution so itโ€™s difficult to say definitively when a government does or doesnโ€™t have legitimacy, an expert explains.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak: Who is he and how did he end up with the top job in British politics?

6 min read
It has been a short but very eventful journey to the top for a man who has only been in parliament since 2015.

Rishi Sunak: Best of a bad bunch?

3 min read
Rishi Sunak is the UKโ€™s fifth Prime Minister since the Brexit vote of 2016, and the third of 2022, following Liz Trussโ€™s exceptionally short time in Downing Street. But is he only the best of a bad bunch?

The Tory lettuceship contest

6 min read
Party still comes before country and constituents and democracy to the Conservatives. The Tories would do anything now, including giving Boris Johnson another go at being PM, to avoid annihilation in a General Election.

Why Liz Truss finally lost control of MPs

5 min read
After years of testing the limits of British democracy, the government finally got a taste of its own medicine when Labour used a parliamentary mechanism to lay Tory divisions bare.

Is Liz Truss really a symbol of Western democratic resilience as China crowns Xi Jinping?

3 min read
No matter whether a system is democratic or undemocratic, a bad leaderโ€™s period in office could leave millions of broken lives in its wake.

Is removing Liz Truss worth the risk?

5 min read
The economic turmoil from Liz Trussโ€™s growth plan is causing unease among Conservative MPs. But is removing her worth the risk?
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