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The UK’s culture war is dying – But the next prime minister will have to stand up to plenty of populists overseas

5 min read
Keir Starmer, if he becomes prime minister, faces global populism amid elections favouring anti-establishment figures around the world. Navigating instability, he must defend NATO and counter divisive forces in a changing political climate.

General Election: Will everyone be able to cast their vote?

3 min read
A legal battle unfolds as new voter ID rules threaten to disenfranchise marginalised groups. Is this about preventing fraud or something more sinister?

Wellingborough and Kingswood by-elections: It’s never been this bad for the Conservatives, and it could still get worse

5 min read
The Tories’ by-election losses in Wellingborough and Kingswood reflect substantial shifts towards Labour amid a backdrop of resignations and controversies, dissatisfaction, particularly in economic stewardship and leadership, where Labour demonstrates strength.

Have Conservative councils started placing more children in care each year than Labour councils?

5 min read
We investigated whether rates of children in care have been growing or falling across all English local authorities according to their party political leadership.

Five signs that you might be rightwing

6 min read
A study challenges stereotypes by identifying five traits associated with right-wing views. Beliefs about the world, genes, and environment contribute to being right-wing.

Kent’s political theatre: The missing chapters in the Conservative candidate’s pamphlet

4 min read
Following a boundary change in a safe Tory seat in Kent, the party’s new candidate issued a pamphlet lacking substance. Despite working for controversial figures, her past is omitted, revealing Conservative hesitancy in transparency in the upcoming general election.

North Sea oil: Politics, profits, and the price of environmental sacrifice

3 min read
The UK’s approval of North Sea oil and gas licenses, including for a major Conservative donor’s subsidiary, sparks controversy. Critics question environmental impact, conflicts of interest, and adherence to climate goals.
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