COVID-19 Infections
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COVID barely gets a mention these days – Here’s why that’s a dangerous situation

4 min read
COVID remains a significant global health threat, causing 10,000 deaths in 50 countries and a 42% increase in hospitalisations in December 2023. Complacency poses risks.

Navigating the current COVID landscape: JN.1 wave and vaccination dilemma

4 min read
The ongoing COVID-19 wave has the potential to significantly grow, with the ONS estimating a 4.3% virus prevalence in England. One expert warns that the JN.1 wave might surpass the March 2022 surge.

Winter COVID: 1 in 24 people currently affected in England and Scotland

3 min read
COVID-19 is experiencing a surge this winter in both England and Scotland. Prevalence is widespread, impacting all age groups, and increasing uncertainty in estimates across English regions, particularly in London and the South East.

COVID-19 alert: Emergence of the JN.1 variant

3 min read
In the ever-evolving game of COVID-19, a new challenger has entered the ring: JN.1, a viral upstart rapidly rising through the ranks and threatening to throw a winter curveball.

From COVID to gastro, why are cruise ships such hotbeds of infection?

5 min read
Cruise ships’ close quarters and shared spaces pose infection risks, historically linked to respiratory and gastro pathogens, emphasising the need for stringent hygiene measures.

Who tracked UK COVID infections the best at the height of the pandemic?

4 min read
ONS, ZOE app, Google Trends… there were many ways to keep an eye on COVID cases during the pandemic. Here’s how they fared.

COVID in kids: Younger children and those from deprived areas are at higher risk of being hospitalised

4 min read
A new study looks at all children hospitalised with a first recorded COVID infection in England from July 2020 to February 2022.
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