COVID-19 Inquiry
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Why are those lost to COVID not formally memorialised? How politics shapes what we remember

5 min read
Hundreds of thousands of red hearts adorn a wall directly opposite parliament, yet successive prime ministers have nothing to say about officially marking the lives lost in the pandemic.

How austerity made the UK more vulnerable to COVID

5 min read
Evidence shows austerity has wide-ranging consequences for health.

Cabinet Office U-turns on Boris Johnson’s phone messages for COVID Inquiry

2 min read
In a surprising turn of events, the Cabinet Office has reversed its stance on accessing Boris Johnson’s phone messages concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, raising some intriguing questions about transparency and trust in the COVID Public Inquiry.

COVID Public Inquiry exposes Government’s pandemic failures

4 min read
The COVID Inquiry has revealed the UK’s pandemic prep failures, including a lack of lockdown planning, PPE stockpiling, slow testing, and isolation response. Bereaved families demand justice and accountability for their loved ones.

Brexit obsession left UK vulnerable to COVID, ex-Cabinet Office director reveals

3 min read
A former official said the UK Government neglected its pandemic preparedness due to its obsession with Brexit, adding that the government did not plan for lockdowns, social support, or PPE, and ignored the health inequalities and vulnerabilities of the poor and ethnic minorities.

Rishi Sunak is trying to hide from accountability

5 min read
The Government is trying to block the COVID Inquiry from accessing unredacted WhatsApp messages that could reveal how Rishi Sunak ignored scientific advice and launched the “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme in 2020, which caused a surge in infections.

Cabinet Office accused of covering up Rishi Sunak’s involvement in “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme

3 min read
Good Law Project challenged the Cabinet Office’s refusal to disclose Rishi Sunak’s WhatsApps on the “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme, which caused COVID surge in cases and deaths.
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