COVID-19 Study
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COVID-19: The false promise of Hydroxychloroquine

4 min read
A new study published in the Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy journal estimates that the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 was associated with nearly 17,000 deaths in six countries during the first wave of the pandemic.

ZOE Health Study halts its daily COVID estimates

3 min read
The ZOE Health Study team has faced challenges maintaining accurate COVID-19 data due to declining app contributors. In response, they’ve made the decision to suspend live COVID-19 reporting.

Long COVID’s brain fog: Impact of COVID-19 on memory

4 min read
How “brain fog” from Long COVID can be akin to ageing 10 years. A King’s College London study reveals cognitive impairments that can last up to 2 years post-infection.

COVID in kids: Younger children and those from deprived areas are at higher risk of being hospitalised

4 min read
A new study looks at all children hospitalised with a first recorded COVID infection in England from July 2020 to February 2022.

Wear a mask in public — Successive COVID infections increase health risks, new study

5 min read
A new study shows that repeat COVID infections contribute to a significant additional risk of adverse health conditions in multiple organ systems. Long COVID is going to be a defining issue of our times.

Long COVID: Why it’s so hard to tell how many people get it

5 min read
A recent study suggests one in eight people who get COVID will go on to develop long COVID.

Many people are still shielding from COVID – and their mental health is getting worse.

5 min read
While the general public has become less anxious over the course of the pandemic, the opposite is true for vulnerable people who have been shielding from COVID-19 and whose mental health is getting worse.
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