COVID-19 Symptoms
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Move over, Omicron: Arcturus is here to steal the spotlight

3 min read
Arcturus, a subvariant of Omicron first identified in India, has been included in the CDC’s monitoring list following its involvement in 7% of the COVID infections in the United States. A strain that has also been reported as causing red and itchy eyes in young patients.

New COVID variant XBB.1.16 fuels surge in cases in India and causes conjunctivitis among children

5 min read
A new COVID variant, XBB.1.16, is causing a surge in pediatric COVID cases in India, with doctors noting an increase in conjunctivitis among children, and reports suggesting already an increase in the US, Singapore, and Australia.

What are the symptoms of omicron?

5 min read
Omicron is continuing the trend set by delta, causing symptoms that resemble the common cold, suggesting that the current government’s guidance for PCR testing (based on only three symptoms) is woefully outdated.
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