COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout
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The ‘jab market’ of private COVID vaccines is a good thing for public health – but not for health inequality

5 min read
Privately selling COVID vaccines could boost immunity but raises worries about health inequalities. Affordability issues may limit access for lower-income individuals, worsening disparities in vaccine distribution.

JCVI’s spring 2024 battle plan against COVID-19

4 min read
The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) advises the UK government on this year’s COVID-19 spring vaccine programme, prioritising vulnerable groups, extending eligibility to ages 6 months and above.

Navigating the current COVID landscape: JN.1 wave and vaccination dilemma

4 min read
The ongoing COVID-19 wave has the potential to significantly grow, with the ONS estimating a 4.3% virus prevalence in England. One expert warns that the JN.1 wave might surpass the March 2022 surge.

The inside story of the vaccine programme’s battles with the Treasury

2 min read
A new book exposes the tensions between the Treasury and health officials over the COVID-19 vaccine programme, and alleges that Steve Barclay delayed the approval of the programme due to value-for-money concerns, angering the vaccine taskforce.

Sanofi vaccine: What to know about this protein-based COVID booster being offered in the UK

5 min read
A vaccine produced by Sanofi is being given as part of the 2023 spring booster campaign. An immunology expert explains how it works. I n the UK a spring booster campaign has recently begun, offering an additional vaccine to people at highest risk from COVID. Between April and June 2023

UK rolls out spring COVID-19 booster programme

2 min read
Over 5 million people in the UK are eligible for a COVID-19 booster this spring.

Why the UK needs to rethink its decision to stop COVID boosters for young and healthy people

5 min read
Going forward, the majority of individuals residing in the United Kingdom will only be able to achieve immunity to the virus causing COVID-19 by contracting the virus itself.
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