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When the Daily Mail sees lawyers standing up for the environment, they get mad

3 min read
Jo Maugham, Director of the Good Law Project, is leading the way in advocating for a future free from fossil fuel interests. Along with 120 other legal professionals, he has signed a Declaration of Conscience to take a stand against representing organizations with ties to the fossil fuel industry.

Angela Rayner, porn in parliament and a depressing week for British politics.

5 min read
Labour’s deputy leader was forced to justify her own response to comments made about her. How the responsibility shifted to Angela Rayner.

How dare scientists do something to prevent more deaths in the UK!

3 min read
Why shouldn’t we look for ways to pursue better health care in the UK? And why wouldn’t we want “to do more” to prevent deaths? Dr Deepti Gurdasani on the scale of normalisation of excess deaths in the UK media.

Asylum seekers crossing the Channel – Stop the BS!

4 min read
No one risks their life crossing one of the busiest shipping routes in the world for a fiver a day, a cheap mobile phone and to be stuck three-to-a-room in a dilapidated hell hole while struggling to access the legal system.
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